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Your invitation is of vital importance as it gives your guests the first hint of the style of your wedding. As soon as the invitation is delivered the guests get an idea of what to expect from your big day – be it traditional or contemporary.

The most elegant invitations combine quality of material with simplicity of style.

We advise sending out your invitations 8-12 weeks in advance of the day.

Reply cards

A simple, convenient way for your guests to reply – it also encourages them to reply more promptly.

The cards are also useful for asking guests for information that you require – meal choices or whether they need transport to the reception.

Envelopes can be pre-printed with the reply address making them very convenient for your guests.

Information Sheets

These can be included with the invitations to give guests details they might find useful such as:
– Directions to the church/venue
– Accommodation details
– Policy on children
– Dress code
– Wedding List
– Request to inform hosts of special dietary requirements
– Time event is due to finish/taxi details
– Date guests are expected to reply by.

Evening invitations

These are for guests who are invited to the evening reception only.

Orders of Service

These contain the outline of the ceremony with hymns, readings, music etc.
They can vary from 4 – 20 pages depending on how much information you need to print.
You need to work on these well in advance as they contain a lot of information and need to be approved by the person conducting the ceremony.


Some people opt for one per table – others one per person (maybe using it as a place card also).

Place cards

These can be printed with the name of the bride and groom and date or left blank for the name of the guest only.

Table plan

This is a critical organisational task and becomes more difficult as people drop out and new guests are added.

Make sure you do this in plenty of time. The table plan can be displayed at the entrance to the seating area.

An alternative is little envelopes addressed to each of the guests containing a card with the table name – these can be laid out in a prominent position.

Table cards

Tables are numbered or named after something relevant to the bride and groom.

The venue usually provides a little clip for each card.

Thank you cards

These are sent out to thank your guests for their presents either before or after the wedding.

An alternative is to order your own writing paper or correspondence cards.

Save the date cards

This is getting more popular – especially when guests are coming from abroad and need to book flights in advance. You may wish to send them out 6-12 months in advance.


We can provide calligraphy for your invitations, envelopes and place cards.


Our Three Ranges of Wedding Stationery

Jules at Owens Bros offer three ranges to provide you with a wide choice in both printing options and price ranges.

The level of service, including a free consultation with a qualified graphic designer, and our attention to detail remain the same whichever range you choose from.  We offer a choice of high quality boards in all our ranges.  Calligraphy is also available with all invitations.

The Elegance

This Range combines high quality card with professional digital printing and trimming to provide elegant, quality invitations at a competitive price.  Various boards and ribboning options are available.

Cost Example:

100 Wedding Invitations 6×4” single digitally printed one colour £155

30 Evening invitations £98

100 Postcard Style reply cards £98

100 Information Sheets £75

100 4 page Order of Service £178

The Classic

This range allows you to create your own invitations using traditional printing and finishing methods, working from the samples in our albums as your starting point.  Three colours of card and three textures are available.  There are many extras that can be added to make your invitations more individual.

Cost example:

100 Classic Style Wedding Invitations 8×6” Folded £240

30 Evening Invitations 7×5” single £133

100 Reply cards and printed envelopes £168

100 Information sheets £99

100 8 page Order of Service £317

Our Bespoke Offering

The bespoke option allows you to create your perfect invitation from scratch.

Many specialised printing options are available including die stamping, tissue wraps, wax seals and extra thick, tissue-lined envelopes.  Various extras such as gold or silver foiling, blind embossing and gilt edges can be added to make your invitation individual.

You will understand that in a fully bespoke offering prices vary enormously depending on your exact requirements – we will, of course, give you a full quotation before you place your order.  As a rough guide we would normally expect to be able to provide 100 Invitations in this range for approximately four hundred pounds.

We specialise in a range of print styles, view the printing options available in each stationery range.

For full details please book a free consultation to discuss your requirements. We will always give you a full quote before you place your order.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation over a cup of coffee.  BOOK NOW!