Printing Options

Your invitations will set the tone for your Wedding Day. We will work closely with you and advise you on which printing methods and materials to use to ensure you get the look and feel you desire.

After discussing the options with us and seeing and handling various samples you can choose a printing method most suited to the style of you wedding.

The table below shows which print options are available in each of our ranges of stationery.

Jules wedding stationery print options

Printing options explained

Huddleston engraved motif 2

Die stamping or copperplate printing

Also known as engraving – offers a level of precision
and elegance that is hard to beat.  The ink is raised
and crisp.


Vitue-invitation-2-300x200 V2

Letterpress printing

Devised by Mr Guttengurg 500 years ago, this
method of printing has seen a resurgence in
the USA in recent years.

It offers a beautiful, 3 dimensional impression.
A raised surface is inked and pressed into a soft

This produces very distinctive results.


Ralston motif


This is a more affordable version of engraving. The
item is printed with ink, then the ink is coated
with a fine layer of powder before being heat
treated – the powder fuses with the ink to give
a raised print.

Ryan embossed initials

Blind embossing

This creates raised relief images. The results are very


Patton OOS

Plate sinking

This creates a square or rectangle acting as a border.



Foil stamping

This involves heat stamping an image through a
layer of metal foil. This adds sparkle and a
Wow factor.


gilt edge 2

Bevelling and gilding edges

Craftsmen hand bevel edges and gild them with
gold, silver or a colour of your choice.

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