The Wedding Trends of 2015

Posted on December 10, 2014

2015’s weddings are set to continue the trend of increased informality that we’ve seen growing more popular in recent years. Brides and Grooms will continue to seek out ways to make their day more unique to them as a couple, while creating a relaxed atmosphere that allows everyone to enjoy themselves.  This year’s trends include pretty pastels, off the shoulder dresses and industrial interiors.

The Theme

Getting the theme right is an integral part of planning any wedding.  Themed weddings are like marmite, many claim to hate them, but whether you’re willing to admit it or not there’s always a theme.  Some themes are subtle, based around colours and styling, while others are more obvious.


Rustic wedding theme

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Rustic wedding themes have been a favourite in recent years.  This theme looks good whatever the budget, great for couples who love a bit of wedding DIY.  Family style eating and long tables will be a key element of this wedding theme.


Ethereal wedding themePhoto credit:

The ethereal theme will be huge in 2015 and we are sure it will make for many pretty pictures.  The theme works well as it’s romantic, whimsical and very natural – think midsummer night’s dream.


Industrial wedding themePhoto credit:

Upcycling has become a cultural trend in the last year, and in 2015 we’ll see this theme begin to grow in stylish modern weddings.  This minimalist look stands out, and is romantic in a back to basics sort of way, keeping the focus on the bride and groom.

The Dress

For many brides the dress is the most important part – after the groom of course! We can understand why.  These photos will be kept for the rest of your life, so it’s important to have a dress you love that can stand the test of time.

Detail open backs

detailed back wedding dresses &

Your guests spend the majority of your wedding ceremony looking at your back, 2015’s dresses will give them something to talk about.  Open backs with surrounding details means brides will be eager to sculpt their backs in time for their big day.  The ’15 catwalk features plenty of lace and pearl details.

Elegant Plunges

Plunge wedding dressPhoto credit:

We’ve seen this look on Cheryl Versini Fernandez recently, and we love it.  This trend is very feminine and elegant, especially flattering for those brides who have less curves.

Off the shoulder

Off the shoulder wedding dressPhoto credit:

Off the shoulder dresses reminiscent of Shakespearean romance will be making us swoon in 2015.  If your planning an ethereal styled wedding the off the shoulder wedding dress makes a beautiful choice.


modern wedding dressPhoto credit:

2015 will see modern brides choose to walk down the aisle minimalist dresses.  This demur look is sophisticated and will not go out of fashion.

The Colours


pastel wedding themePhoto credit:

In keeping with the ethereal theme pastels will be popular this year.  Aquamarine will be the colour of choice for fashionable bridal parties.

The Cake

Naked wedding cakePhoto credit:

Sometimes talking to a person on the other side of the table can be a little difficult with a centrepiece in the middle.  This year you needn’t worry, you’ll have to look up to spot the centrepiece, as hanging decorations become the next big styling trend.

wild wedding flowers

Sometimes talking to a person on the other side of the table can be a little difficult with a centrepiece in the middle.  This year you needn’t worry, you’ll have to look up to spot the centrepiece, as hanging decorations become the next big styling trend.

Hanging wedding flowers

The Hairstyles

Baby breathe hair

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Brides sporting the ethereal and rustic looks for their big day might consider having Baby’s Breathe amongst their hair. This feminine, pretty look was featured heavily on the ’15 bridal catwalks.

Floral crowns

floral wedding crownPhoto credit:

If you want to go a step take the floral hair trend a step further than a touch of Baby’s Breathe, you might try a floral crown.  Love to make floral crowns apart of your wedding but afraid you can’t pull the look off?  You could always use this trend on your bridesmaids or flower girl.

Flower girl



wedding hair

A loose plait is a new alternative to the traditional up-do or more modern tousled hair looks.  A side plait like the one above can be done for brides with longer hair, flowers could be plaited in also to make the most of two of this year trends.  Brides with shorter lengthen hair could multiple small braids integrated into their up-to or a larger crown like braid across the top.

The Invitations

Lastly but of course not least there’s the wedding invitations, which set the tone for the wedding and gives guests their first glimpse of what to expect


Rustic and nature inspired invitations which again will be popular for brides with rustic wedding plans.

rustic wedding invite


2015’s modern minimalist brides will opt for less colour and more simple elegant designs.

Stylish wedding invite

Personalised stamped

Those with an ethereal theme may opt for traditional letterpress stamped invitations, reminiscent of times gone by.  These stamps are created unique to the couple, with their own initials.

copper foil wedding invite stamp

That just about sums up the trends for 2015 weddings. We love all things wedding but of course specialise in bespoke stationery to match your prefect day. If you’d like any more help or advice with choosing your wedding stationery you can book a free consultation with me, Jules, today.

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