The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Table Plans

Posted on February 10, 2015


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Did you know that 84% of wedding guests prefer assigned seating and a wedding table plan? They take the hassle and franticness out of the arrival at the reception and let people enjoy the entrance into your dining hall. Without a wedding table plan it can take a very long time for guests to get seated and in the end there will always be a few lonely people wandering round looking for a spare seat when everyone else is seated. No one enjoys this feeling, which is why for any wedding reception to run smoothly, a wedding table plan is a must.

Wedding Table Plan Dos


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Do get exact numbers and a table plan from your venue before you start assigning seats. Do find out if your venue can cater for different sized tables, and what is the maximum number of people at each size table. Do have a children’s table if you have quite a few children between the ages of 6 – 13. If they are younger than six they may not want to sit at a table away from their parents. If they are older than 13 then they will want to be seen at an adult, or at least a teen table. Do create a nice mix at your tables. A roughly even mix of males and females can balance the conversation well at tables. Do be traditional when organising the top table. The traditional top table seating plan is; from left to right in the following order; maid of honour, groom’s father, bride’s mother, groom, bride, bride’s father, groom’s mother, best man.

Wedding Table Plan Don’ts


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Don’t be tempted to fill up gaps at children’s or teen tables with any single friends coming to the wedding unaccompanied. Don’t split couples up – people bring a plus one to a wedding for a reason and want to be in their company. Don’t try to mix and match friend groups too much. Weddings can be hard work at the best of times but spending dinner trying to bond with new people can be a bit over whelming sometimes. People are more likely to get on well if they are of similar ages or have known similar interests (apart from you or your husband to be). Don’t put exes at the same table. Even if they are still friends having an ex with their new plus one is awkward for everyone at the table and not an atmosphere you want to create. Book a free consultations with Jules, our design specialist. She will be able to talk you through all your table plan options to suit the theme of your wedding. Book a free consultation with Jules, our design specialist. She will be able to talk you through all your table plan options to suit the theme of your wedding.

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